Saturday, November 21, 2009

TJ's 3rd Birthday

My kids are growing to fast! On July 14 Taylor turned 3 years old.
We had a big day planned for him. After opening a few gifts before Jimmy left for work, we jumped in the car to spend some time at Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah. There is an amazing museum that we love to go and visit. My mom came with us and we also met a friend of mine who lives up in Ogden. The boys had fun looking at all the planes and playing at the children's learning center. At
the learning center they have air plane simulators, video games, dress ups, and all sorts of aviation toys and games. After the museum we went to McDonalds - TJ's favorite restaurant.
TJ was really into wild animals at this time, so I made him a tiger cake. It turned out pretty cute. He had 4 little animal toys that he became attached to - at tiger, lion, zebra and hippo. He could not sleep without these animals and he took them with him everywhere. It he put them down for something, it would never fail that a few minutes later he would say "animals" and start looking for them.
After Jimmy got off work we went as a family,with my parents and Noelle and Trent, to The Mayan. The Mayan is a themed restaurant with waterfalls and a live diving show. My kids love it!! We had a busy but fun day. Happy Birthday Taylor! We love you!

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