Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spencer's First Football Season

This year Spencer was old enough to start flag football. He is an exceptional athlete and is very talented at the game. He would go out in the yard with Jimmy to play catch and all the other boys from the neighborhood would come out of the woodwork to join them. We had many football games in the yard. So, when we saw the sign ups for the city league we couldn't pass up the opportunity. He did very well. Spencer is very fast, was the first off the line, and was always catching and pulling off the other teams flags. His teammates called him the "king of getting flags". He stopped many plays because of how well he could tackle (or pull off flags). He also scored a number of touchdowns throughout the season and was the only player on his team to catch a pass (at this age pass plays are very difficult). We were so proud of him and hope that he continues to do well in sports.

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