Saturday, November 21, 2009

Garrett Family Reunion July 2009

Every summer over Pioneer Day (July 24th) we have the Garrett Family Reunion. All of Jimmy's siblings try to make a trip to Utah to spend time together. On the 24th we all make the trek down to Holden Utah - the small town Janet grew up in. The town puts on a huge celebration including a parade, the most amazing breakfast known to man - YUM, bottle rocket launching, the great race (a youth and adult relay race), the children races, and finally a homemade ice cream contest! One of the highlights are the children's races. By age the kids line up and sprint to the finish line. This is my kids very favorite activity. They love running races! Many of Jimmy's aunts, uncles, and cousins come to Holden to enjoy the festivities and visit with all the family.
After the celebration at the church, we all head over to Uncle Norman's home for another huge meal. For the last couple of year they have made ribs on the barbecue - Delicious! The kids have a blast playing on the rope swing, riding horses and four wheelers, playing on the play set, exploring the farm, and just spending time together. Some of the older kids and adults take Uncle Norman's challenge of climbing up the rope swing. If you can climb the rope and touch the tree branch you get a fresh, crisp dollar bill. However, climbing the rope is not for the faint of heart, there have been many rope burns throughout the years, but if you succeed you have bragging rights! :) This is Jimmy's favorite holiday of the year (I think it is because of the hometown cooking)! :)
The day after Holden we all met at Julie's house for another day of fun. We took tracks up to Salt Lake to visit the Gateway. My kids loved riding on the tracks train. At the Gateway (which is a big outdoor mall) there is a fountain that the kids can play in. Spencer and Trenton had so much fun running through the fountain with their cousins. TJ wasn't to keen on getting wet. :) After the Gateway we decided to go see "Night at the Museum 2". It was a fun movie. Afterward we went back to Julie's for dinner and down time. The kids played and played while the adults visited. Spending this time together is always a highlight of the year.

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