Friday, June 12, 2009


"I'm Garrbear's Daddy" that is what Trenton always says. Trenton has fallen in love with his stuffed black bear he calls Garrbear (said like Garrett bear just take away the "ett"). Seeing him play like he is a daddy is completely adorable. It gives me a small taste of what a little girl might be like. This little bear goes everywhere with Trenton. He places it in his backpack when he goes to school, he carries him around the store, he even puts him in his pants when he doesn't have pockets (that I frown upon). In a typical day he feeds, cleans, and puts his bear to bed. He creates little sleeping bags out of blankets, tucks him in, and even turns on a night light. I have even found him putting Garrbear in time out, he said to me "Mom, Garrbear's in time out because he was hitting and biting" then he picks up the bear and says "Garrbear you do not hit and bite, now you can come out of time out". I have discovered that if you want to get a straight answer from Trenton you ask the bear first, and Trenton will answer honestly - for the bear. It is hysterical. You can always tell when "Garrbear" is talking because Trenton will speak baby talk in a high pitched voice. He also told me that he wanted to scrapbook Garrbear a baby book. Isn't that just so precious!?! It was my birthday a few weeks back and I asked Trenton what he was going to get for me. He said "I'm going to get you a bear Webkin, it will be a girl named Laci, and it will be Garrbear's mom". SO CUTE!!! (Webkinz are the brand of stuffed animal, and Laci is the name Jimmy and I chose if we ever had a little girl). Sure enough I got a Polar Bear Webkin which I named Laci. He is such a loving little boy and now "Laci" the Polar Bear will become quite sentimental to me. I just love seeing this side of Trenton.

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