Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graduations -Smiles and Tears

Schools out for Summer! Well we made it through our first year of Elementary School for Spencer and Preschool for Trenton. WOW - I feel old! Both boys had little graduation ceremonies. They did a great job. Of course I started crying in the middle of Spencer's. I'm such a baby. I am so proud of my boys. Spencer loved Kindergarten with Miss Gurney. She was an amazing teacher. I hope 1st grade will be just as fun for him, and I pray for a good teacher. It is so exciting to see him learning to read and write. Trenton finally warmed up to Preschool and enjoyed the last couple of months (there were a few months where I had to bribe him to go). Trenton marches to his own beat, but I sure do love that little guy! Here are a few highlights from each graduation.

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