Friday, June 12, 2009

Camping with the Olsen's

The first weekend in June we took a trip with Jimmy's sister, Julie, and her family. We went down south to an area we have never been called Kodachrome Basin, which is near Bryce Canyon. It was a beautiful area. We enjoyed hiking, hanging out, and visiting Bryce. There were also some very unique rock formations. The kids loved to sneak up on the rabbits, which were found all over in the campground. There was one incident when Brennan (my 3 year old nephew) wandered off at the campground. We spent a few minutes searching and then another couple staying in the camp saw him and pointed us in his direction. Trenton noticed all the attention that Brennan was getting (also noticing a few tears shed by Brennan's mom). So, my tricky little Trenton decided to "wander off" on his own, hide in a bush, and then not come out when we were calling for him. When we finally found him he asked me "Mom did you cry?", thinking that he would get the same reaction. What a stinker! What am I going to do with that boy!?! At Kodachrome Basin State Park they have a Junior Ranger program. The boys had a great time completing the Junior Ranger booklet and passing off the requirements to be "sworn in" and become a Junior Ranger. What a great idea. Bryce Canyon was so beautiful, although I was a bit stressed that you are basically standing on the edge of a cliff as you view it. We went on an awesome hike at Bryce. It was called the Navajo trail and I highly recommend it if you ever go hike the canyon. It was so cool! We also hiked to a small waterfall and a cave a few miles from Bryce. This was Trenton's favorite hike, it was called the Mossy Cave hike. We have really enjoyed camping this year. The kids are old enough that it is not as stressful anymore. We will be looking forward to our next big camping adventure!

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