Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm a VIP

December 18, 2008 was a big day for a "Very Important Person" in our family. Spencer had his VIP day at school. Jimmy and I were invited to go to Spencer's class to share a little bit more about him. I made a poster all about Spencer which he shared with the class. We played a game of follow the leader. We thought of a list of things Spencer likes to do and acted them out, for example, playing football, hiking, shooting his bow and arrow, drawing, playing video games, having a snowball fight, and having a light saber duel. The kids enjoyed acting that out. Next Jimmy read the story "The Night Before Christmas" because Christmas is Spencer's favorite holiday. Finally, I made a memory game of Spencer's favorite things. On a poster I put pictures of some things Spencer likes then covered the pictures with a piece of paper with a number on it. The kids got to choose two numbers and if it was a match they won, if not they had to try again. They loved it. Then the class had question and answer time. At the very end Miss Gurney asked Jimmy and I to share a memory of Spencer. Jimmy shared about Spencer's nick name "Blackbird". When Spencer played soccer Jimmy would call him the Blackbird because he was so fast (the Blackbird is the fastest airplane in the world). I shared about the time when Spencer was 4 years old and we went to Disneyland, While we were there I took Spencer on The Tower of Terror. Spencer was terrified. But on the way home (driving from California to Utah), Spencer said to me, "Mom, I was thinking about it and the Tower of Terror is really not that scary, it's just an elevator that goes up and down". What 4 year old thinks about stuff like that. It was so funny. Spencer really is a great little guy. He's a VIP in our family!

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  1. Yes Spencer is a VIP. He is a reall sweetie and one of my favorite guys to hang outwith. I love him very much!