Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Trenton

Happy Birthday to Trenton! What a big day for our 4 year old! We had a jam packed day full of toy shopping, party planning, Kangaroo Zoo, McDonald's, cake and presents. We started the day by going shopping to get balloons and party favors. After we went to the toy store because he got some birthday money from Great Grandma and Grandpa. He picked out a batman scooter and a batman toy car. He loves Batman! Trenton had many ideas of what he wanted to do for his birthday, but since money doesn't grow on trees he was only able to choose one. He decided he wanted to go to Kangaroo Zoo, which is an inflatable play place. He was able to invite one friend to join in the fun. The kids ran and played hard for 2 hours straight. They had a blast! In the evening Jimmy and I took Trenton out on a birthday date. We have started a tradition where Jimmy and I just taking the birthday boy out on their own. All the boys seem to enjoy this new tradition. However, Trenton was so pooped from playing at Kangaroo Zoo that he fell fast asleep on the drive over to McDonald's. McDonald's is the restaurant of choice for my kids. I gave Trenton several options of places to go, but he didn't get excited until I mentioned Mickey D's. What is it about that place!?! Anyway, he had a great time running and playing, again, at McDonald's. Afterward we came home for cake and presents. What a great day. We love our Birthday Boy!


  1. Tell him Happy Birthday from us. I can't believe he's 4!

  2. It was sure fun to help celebrate with Trenton. I will always remember the day our Tricky Trenton came into this world and be grateful he is a part of mine. He was so excited for his birthday to come and our birthdays will always be close together. Happy Birthday sweetie! Love Grandma Cindy