Sunday, January 24, 2010

Party of the Century

For Trenton's 5 year old birthday we threw him a HUGE party! We invited 18 friends but only 17 were able to attend (are we crazy!). We scheduled out the Stake Center for the party. The theme of the party was Sports. I printed off 5 different sports that Trenton likes. Each picture was taped around the gym and corresponded with a game we would play. All the kids sat in the middle of the gym, then I would ask questions like "This is a sport that you play with a ball and you have to wear pads and a helmet". When the kids guessed football they would have to find the picture of the football and run to it. Then we would play the game. The games were Set, Set, Hike (duck, duck, goose), 12 Dribble - Slam Dunk (12 o'clock midnight), Red light, Green Light - Home-run, Goal (soccer), and Skateboard Attack (shark attack). I had to make up cute names to go along with the theme! :) The kids had a lot of fun playing games, and I was surprised that they listened really well - so it wasn't to wild and crazy.
After games we ate pizza and soda and opened presents. I'll tell you what, 17 friends equals 17 gifts - Trenton hit the jackpot! It was almost overwhelming! He was so excited though. He has some very generous friends.

Instead of cake we had donuts, because Trenton LOVES donuts. Then all the kids sang Happy Birthday (while Trenton danced for us - oh brother!). Then it was time to go home. Whew! We survived - thank goodness for Ibuprofen. :) It really was a fun birthday party. I was so grateful we were able to use the church. (17 kids in my house - could you imagine!)

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