Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Itty Bitty Trenton

In March 2009 we signed Trenton up for an "Itty Bitty Ball" class at our local Rec Center. He went to 6 classes where he learned a little bit about 5 different sports - Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, and Volleyball. He had an absolute blast! Trenton is very athletic and loves sports, however, I discovered that he also likes to dance. During one of the sessions they played a game of dance freeze - when the music stops you freeze. Trenton loved playing this game. His dancing was more like break dancing then anything else. He liked to flip, kick and spin on the ground, as well as pose when he had to "freeze". It was hysterical! Trenton said that his favorite sports to play were football and basketball. He had a great time running as well. He loves running races. It is nice to have something to help get the wiggles out during the long winter months. Great work Trenton!!

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  1. How fun. It looked like he had a great time!!